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People Still Read These?

Well it really has been awhile since I've been here. Do a lot of the same people still even blog??

Well what have a been up to? For starters I got a new job....and got fired from my old job. I hadn't ever been fired before and shall I say it's no fun. I am not upset that they let me go though, that place was a joke! Not only was there harassment on a major level, but I wasn't feeling it anymore and I got paid crap! I am only upset because it was so close to my apt...literally a 10 min walk! The new job I have seems promising, but so far I haven't learned jack and I've been here for almost a month now. LAMENESS!

I got a cat awhile ago, but I didn't think it through. I love the cat, but with me being gone a lot I feel bad for the cat, no attention and she needs it. I am hoping that my sister takes her, but we'll see. If not I am gonna have to post a craigslist ad for her and I don't want to do that! I have a hard time trusting strangers......

Been kinda dating-ish I guess, but I don't even know if you'd even call it that.

Say what?

So I promise one day I will have a real update! Possiby tomorrow, who knows. But very quickly, I am alive, healthy (minus my alcohol addiction), and loving it!!

Fav songs:
Feel Like Fuckin - Plies
Salute Your Solution - Raconteurs
Everyone Nose Remix - N.E.R.D.
Damn I'm Cold - Bun B feat Lil Wayne
3 Peat - Lil Wayne
Lollipop Remix - Lil Wayne feat Kanye West
Get Like Me - David Banner feat Chris Brown

Fav albums:
Lil Wayne - tha Carter III
Mariah Carey - E=Mc2
Feist - the Reminder

Fav Shows:
My boys (its back baby!)
Ninja Warrior

Fav Movies:
27 Dresses
Iron Man
Semi Pro (was alright sheesh)

Oh and if anyone knows of some good budgeting/financial sites or have budgeting templates I would be very greatful!!

I wont say the word "resolution"

So I have decided to put together a "goals" list for this year. Stay tuned for that!

I starting doing some home workouts before I really start going back to the gym, I am excited! I have been feeling flabby lately!

Office toys/things

I was looking for a good site that sells office toys, sress balls, decorations, figurines....anybody know of anything cool?

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